Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a factor in many divorce cases. It may be temporary or long term. It is designed to ensure that both spouses are able to begin their post-divorce lives on equal footing financially. At Davis Law Group, our Quincy alimony attorneys are committed to getting fair payments when appropriate.

When Is Spousal Support Appropriate?

Spousal support is only appropriate when there is some sort of financial imbalance that needs to be addressed. One of the most common situations in which spousal support is necessary is when one spouse worked during the marriage while the other stayed at home to raise the children or only worked part time. The spouse who worked will have an easier time adjusting to the costs of life after divorce than the spouse who did not work. The stay-at-home parent may need to go back to school or seek other resources in order to find employment. In the meantime, spousal support is designed to help cover the costs of living.

How Much Will Alimony Payments Be?

Alimony payments will be based on a variety of factors. Obviously, each spouse’s income is a major factor. The employment opportunities available will also need to be considered. In many cases, alimony is closely related to property division. Depending on the situation, one spouse may provide the other with a larger portion of the property instead of paying alimony or vice versa.

Boston Spousal Support Attorneys

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