Davis Law Group was founded in 2018 (with partners who have worked together since 1998) and features trusted trial lawyers with decades of experience handling a wide range of legal issues.

We are well-known in the community, not only for our courtroom work, but for our charitable and political work. Attorney James H. Davis III has served as the Quincy city council president. We have earned the trust of the community as a whole. You can trust us to help you overcome whatever legal challenge you face.

Why We Became Lawyers

This is not just a job to us. We do this because we enjoy it and because we believe in it. We believe in helping people and we believe justice can be achieved, but only through hard work. Every day, we work hard because we are energized to do so. We see people who are in difficult situations, and we guide them forward safely and securely.

Many of the cases we handle involve family law and divorce. We also handle criminal law, real estate, landlord-tenant law, estate planning, personal injury, and more. We are able to help people navigate through familial, emotional, and legal terrain carefully and successfully.

A History Of Helping People

Many of our clients are referred to us by people we have helped in the past. People are comfortable sending their family and friends to us because they know how serious we are about helping people. We are proud of our history and our success.

We encourage you to discuss your case with us. Our law firm is conveniently located in Quincy, just 12 miles from downtown Boston. Call 617-221-3548 or email today.