What To Do After A Personal Injury

  1. Confidentiality: Your case will be handled with strict confidence by this office. Do not discuss any aspect of your case with anyone outside of your family or this office. If you are contacted by any insurance company representatives (even your own), notify this office before providing them with any information.
  2. Doctor’s Appointments: Please cooperate fully with each of your doctors. Advise this office whenever you have an appointment with a doctor and when you will be admitted to the hospital or are scheduled for any test.
  3. Medical Bills: Send to this office every bill that you receive (including Blue Cross/Blue Shield statements and pharmacy receipts1 ), and indicate whether you have paid any of the bills. If you incur additional expenses as a result of your injury, submit a list of such expenses (wheelchair rentals, purchase of crutches, hiring private nurses or people to help you in your home, etc.). Use your medical insurance or Medicaid whenever possible.
  4. Evidence: If you have been fitted with a cast, back brace, traction device, etc., save it for possible use if your case should go to trial.
  5. Photographs: Bring to this office any photographs that have been taken of the scene of your accident, damages or anything else pertaining to your injury. If your injury is the result of automobile accident, make certain that photographs are taken of the vehicles involved before they are repaired.
  6. Witnesses: Provide this office with the names and addresses of any witnesses of whom you are aware.
  7. Lost Wages/Time From School: Report to this office all days you have lost from work and/or school as a result of your injury.
  8. Traffic Violations: If you are arrested in connection with a traffic accident or charged with any traffic violations or any other offenses, notify this office at once. If you must appear in court, notify this office of the court location, date and time.
  9. Keeping a Record: Please keep a personal record2 of your experiences that result from this injury, including pain you have suffered and how this injury has affected you.
  10. Mailing and Telephoning Instructions: Mail all necessary documents to the attention of counsel handling your case. Our mailing address is: Davis Law Group, 15 Cottage Avenue, 4th Floor, Quincy, MA 02169. You may call our office at any time during normal business hours at 617-221-3548.


1. Keep any prescriptions and receipts relative to any medication and medical appliances and turn them over to your counsel. Unlike other medical records and bills, this evidence is hard to secure any other way.

2. Keep a personal log of your aches and pains, treatment, periods of disability (e.g., “I was bedridden for three weeks, housebound for four more weeks, and unable to resume my hobbies of weightlifting and jogging for six months”) and other relevant information. The log will serve as a useful memory refresher when and if it comes time for you to testify. It will also assist counsel in your representation.