Landlord-Tenant Law

At Davis Law Group, our attorneys have decades of experience representing landlords and tenants in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Drafting Leases and Rental Agreements
  • Evictions
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Nonpayment of Rent
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Security Deposit Issues

Our Quincy landlord-tenant lawyers are skilled at interpreting and enforcing leases and rental agreements, and are well-versed in all applicable municipal, state and federal laws.

Proceed With Caution

Massachusetts is a tenant-friendly state. However, leases and rental agreements can be drafted in such a way that they become more landlord-friendly. Furthermore, every municipality has slightly different rules that must be followed. Ultimately, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you must proceed with caution to ensure that you follow not only the contract, but all applicable laws. Failure to do so could lead to problems.


Evictions are the most common landlord-tenant issue. Whether the eviction is due to unpaid rent or other problems, there is a very specific process that must be followed, beginning with giving notice. Landlords are encouraged to seek assistance from an experienced attorney to make certain that the proper steps are taken. Tenants who are the target of eviction also have legal rights, and if those rights are violated they can take action against the landlord.

Boston Landlord-Tenant Dispute Attorneys

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