Modifications & Contempt

Do you need to change your child custody and visitation arrangements? Do your child support payments no longer fit your current situation? It is possible to make changes, depending on the circumstances. The lawyers at Davis Law Group can explain your options.

When Can Changes Be Made?

Modification of child custody and visitation may be necessary if there has been a major change in circumstances. Examples of major changes in circumstances include a new job and a new schedule, remarriage or the birth of a new child. In some cases, the change may be necessary simply because the child has grown older and his or her needs have changed. Our Quincy child visitation modification attorneys will guide you through the process.

Child support modifications are only allowed if there has been a substantial change in income or the child’s financial needs. Has the other parent been promoted or granted a large pay increase? Child support may be changed so that the child benefits from this increased income. Have you been demoted or lost your job? In some cases, you may be allowed to reduce your child support payments. Let us review your case and educate you about your options.

What If Agreements Are Not Being Followed?

Are child support payments not being made? Has the other parent failed to adhere to the child custody and visitation schedule? Perhaps some other agreement has not been followed, such as the transfer of assets according to property division arrangements. Whatever the case may be, our lawyers can help you file a contempt of court if necessary. Our family law attorneys know the steps to take to enforce whatever orders are not being followed.

Boston Contempt Proceeding Attorneys

Whether you need to file a contempt or you are seeking a change to child custody and visitation or child support arrangements, we can assist. Our law firm is conveniently located in Quincy, just 12 miles from downtown Boston. Call 617-221-3548 or email today.