Child Support

Child support is designed to provide the custodial parent with the money necessary to raise a child as comfortably as possible. Whether you need help with child support during a divorce or as a result of a paternity action, the lawyers at Davis Law Group can help.

Child Support Guidelines In Boston

The calculation of child support is one of the most straightforward family law issues. Clear guidelines have been established. In most cases, determining child support is simply a matter of collecting all of the relevant data, including each parent’s income, and inserting it into the formula per the guidelines. Of course, it is important to have the assistance of a Quincy child support attorney to ensure that all numbers are accurate and no income was overlooked or hidden. When we calculate child support, we take great care to make certain it is accurate.

In some cases, it is appropriate to deviate from the child support guidelines. For example, the guidelines were established based on a certain income level. They do not address families with high incomes. They also may not address the unique costs faced by children with special needs.

Can Child Support Be Changed?

Modification of child support is possible if there has been a major change in income or the needs of the child have changed. Perhaps educational expenses were overlooked in the initial calculation and now need to be considered. We can assist with changes to child support.

Massachusetts Child Support Payment Attorneys

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